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99 Main Street

Nyack, New York 10960

(845) 523-5807

[email protected]


Chic Glass 1995

BonaFide LLC: LifeStyle Research & Development was founded in 2007 to be launched by Michelle Glass, known under her grandfather's name Chic Glass. Chic is pronounced "chick." She is an executive producer, author, innovator, educator, investor, quintessential role model, anomaly entrepreneur, Highly Sensitive Ginger and muse.   It all boils down to ...... get where we're going with this?

Spring 2023 marks the 28th anniversary of Chic Glass' first and repeat major network television guest appearances on The "Geraldo" Rivera Show. That and her experience working with mogul Sean "Puffy" Combs' BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT: Daddy's House Social Programs, served as catalysts for the autobiographical motion feature film property entitled GLASS TRIP: Through Howard, "Diddy" & Geraldo. Which led to the book and then follow up book version of the story, entitled BonaFide: Bringing Common Sense to American Culture. All of which are written by Chic Glass and are being prepared for production and publication. 

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City and Howard University in Washington DC with degrees in Advertising/Communications and Television Production; Chic Glass worked in production for FOX Television Studios. In addition, Glass obtained multi-faceted experience and insight working with New York public schools, community centers and a whole heap of side hustles. Many from which she was fired. Yup, go figure.

The comprehensive know-how, natural born redheadedness and indie street creds of Chic Glass; in cahoots with her reputation as the wild card, secret weapon, mastermind strategist; sparked the creation of BonaFide LLC: LifeStyle Research & Development. This game-changing culture breaks through the clutter and fills a massive void in the marketplace by serving both simple and sophisticated concerns that conventional organizations are not equipped to handle.

Born September 7, 1970 in Rockland County; Glass is the fourth generation Nyack, New York Nyackian, whose family dates back about 100 years in the historic, picturesque, Native American Indian village; on the Hudson River. Her grandfather was the original Chic Glass. Her granduncle was Charlie. They owned the Nyack bar/restaurant called, Chic & Charlie's. The grandparents, now quietus, were known and respected as successful business proprietors, landlords and all around pillars of the community. Chic Glass, the BonaFide founder, is the only child of Ace and Sadie. Living pretty much as a loner, she is (1984) footloose and fancy-free, without any children. Single and ready to mingle, Glass works to evolve her grandparents' legacy.